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Standing at the Throne

As we stand at the throne of God, there is a mist that I want you to walk through. Come through the mist to sit at the foot of the throne.  No, not there, here.  I place you to achieve the best service.  Now write from here.  Write from here.  When next I appear to you, I will come to address your condition.  You will hear me, and it will be addressed.  Do not fear cause and affect.  There is no need.  Your service has taken you beyond some old rules.  These rules do not apply in the realm where souls are transparent and completely known.

Global Change

Channeled: January 29, 2012

Presidents come and go, but the chaos your legislature has been experiencing is a sign of the unrest preceding a storm. The storm arrives mid-year and maybe lasts for a period of one, give or take a few months. Then there is great change. Continue reading ‘Global Change’

The Rays Of Influence

Channeled: January 23, 2012

The coming year and years, are ones of transition for the masses. The fear being experienced by so many has been a motivator. It is time for a change, and this fear precedes a wave of transition that spreads across the globe. Your race is being prepared. The preparations include great downloads of energy that are being experienced each in accordance with their sensitivity to energy and the ability to acknowledge influences. Continue reading ‘The Rays Of Influence’

Blogs Of Channeling Sessions

Channeled:  July 25, 2011

Every fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. (http://raysofhealingchurch.org), I hold a channeling practice at Rays of Healing Church. The channeling sessions that I post on this blog often are what I receive and share with the students at the church. During the practice sessions, I teach newcomers about channeling and challenge more experienced channelers with exercises for their growth and development. Sometimes, I show people how channeling is done. Other times, I ask people to channel specific beings or help them understand how to receive information for themselves or others. This past Monday evening, July 25, I asked the students to channel Quan Yin, Mary, and Martha. Students had to determine which of these beings they were channeling as well as provide the information received. I also channeled these beings with the following results: Continue reading ‘Blogs Of Channeling Sessions’

Channeling Hilarion, The Father, and Sea Mammal Devas

Channeled:  June 26, 2011

Hilarion I am, and I say to you Good Day. Joy in all you do is the key to the kingdom. Laughter and lightness of heart will open doors into the halls of my abode. Here, take this robe and come with me. Close your eyes for a moment. Continue reading ‘Channeling Hilarion, The Father, and Sea Mammal Devas’

Channeling John Kennedy

Channeled: May 23, 2011

I, John Kennedy, have joined with Abraham and we inspire the president. Do not be fooled by our appearance for we are from most high. We take form in order to speak in ways that people can take in. Continue reading ‘Channeling John Kennedy’

Channeling Nikola Tesla

Channeled: May 23, 2011

I, Nicolae, declare that I am here to speak of windmills and waterfalls, of algorythms that exist in nature, that have the capacity to shift the balance, the ionization of the planet. The application of algorythms to 1) the plates of the earth, 2) the atmosphere, 3) the lava beds and 4) the wind direction can be coordinated to jump start a cleansing of the planet. Continue reading ‘Channeling Nikola Tesla’

Channeling John Paul

Channeled: April 25, 2011

I, John Paul, am here to tell you that there is a peace enclave that is attended by the past and future heads of many religions. You have attended your own version of this with the musicians who play for peace. Your attendance to the musicians is mandatory for your growth and development. You are to continue your skill building in song writing. Continue reading ‘Channeling John Paul’

Channeling The Many Who Are One

Channeled: March 28, 2011

Hello dear ones. I speak to you as a representative of the divine one. We are the many who are one. We are the divine expression of life. Enliven upon my words. For I bring you strength, greater well being, unending gratitude for life and a new ease of expression. Continue reading ‘Channeling The Many Who Are One’

Channeling The Hindu Goddess, Kali

Channeled: February 28, 2011

I, Kali, say: I flatten the wheel of life and blend the energy that has been segregated into components of understanding. When this happens, the creation of a new wheel of ascendancy comes into being. Discern the difference between these wheels. See the symbolism here. The two wheels co-exist until the time comes to match them. Then they flatten and transcendence occurs because they merge. Continue reading ‘Channeling The Hindu Goddess, Kali’