we travel beyond the confines of the earth

Do not be frightened by the dissention your country is experiencing.  It is a sign of the polarizing effects of the ascension process- the earth ascension process.  People have choices to make.  These choices are happening quickly now, but the tide is rolling with light.  Polarization will continue to bee an issue and will lead to the fall of some institutions that have long existed.  From the ashes will rise an even stronger governance still following the ideals of the constitution, but more streamlined and efficient.  It will have to be.  The influx of people into year country will not abate. Borders between you and México will continue to erode.  At some point theU.S.and Mexican borders will merge into one country.  There is good for all concerned.  The European Union must be strengthened, but that does not happen unlessEnglandjoins in.  There will come a time of only 5 countries (the most populous continents).  Unity will continue to happen.  And then there is one government and one people, and we travel beyond the confines of the earth. It is inevitable

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