There no longer is a you and a me

My dear one, I am with you through eternity for we have become one.  There no longer is a you and a me, only incredible oneness.  Please accept my gratitude for having lived.  You did not have to come to this place.  You chose to come, and brought with you the ruby ray of service.  Teach it well.  Be the model.  It is part of the movement that is transforming.  You have seen the void, and you have sent thoughts across it.  Now more into it and observe your own presence.  Your essence also lives in the void, but is a mirror image of your essence in the light.  It takes both of your images, both parts of the conscious, to reflect light as the sun and moon do.  Meditate on this and then contact me again to discuss it.  I will teach you to master these concepts.

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