Mass Ascension

There are large numbers of people who are gathering on the planet to ascend in masses.  This ascension process is vital to the well being of the planet – indeed of this plane of existence.  The ascension process is happening daily to those people.  Their bodies are being converted into a form that radiates light in a more complete way.  The process has generally been thought to be long and complicated.  The truth is that it is not complicated.  The length of the process more often is associated with the fear of change with a reluctance to let go.  Ascension can happen instantaneously.  This has been rare until this point.  You as a group are responsible for shifting the time frame, increasing the brevity of the process.  As each of you go through it, you will speed up the process – hold open the portal – for the awareness and eye opening of others.  People will gather in your group in accordance with their readiness for transformation.  Those who lead the call- those who stand in the portal and shine – attract those who seek evolution.  Indeed, ascension is all about evolution.

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