Lillith & Michael

1.  Lillith, am a guardian in my own right, and I am an investigator of truth on the planet.  I am an equivalent in feminine form of the Metatron energy.  I help with the balance of planet to suns and ensure atmospheric conditions are maintained.  I also assist with the growth of feminine energy across the worlds where the pendulum needs to swing.  Sometimes we need you to explore the masculine energy; sometimes we need you to explore feminine.  This occurs on personal, planetary and universal levels.  For example, even now the universe gives birth…even now planets continue to be born.


2.  Dear ones, I, Michael, say onto you that you are not to worry.  I have been given leave by God to influence those involved with current world affairs.  Although unrest seems fearful, it is being used to bring about peace in the end.  Do not worry about the methods. Your earth is at a cross roads in its history, but I already know the end result because my influence is being brought to bear in the choices that are being made.  Blessings to all people, to all humankind.  You will soon know the truth of all animals.

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