The Rays Of Influence

Channeled: January 23, 2012

The coming year and years, are ones of transition for the masses. The fear being experienced by so many has been a motivator. It is time for a change, and this fear precedes a wave of transition that spreads across the globe. Your race is being prepared. The preparations include great downloads of energy that are being experienced each in accordance with their sensitivity to energy and the ability to acknowledge influences.

The rays of influence are changing for the mass consciousness. The rays, as wielded by those in this dimension, the planners you may call up, are being moved in and around the planet, leading to unrest. The unrest is again a precursor of change. There will come a settling in as the movement of the rays subsides into their new positions. The electromagnetic fields of all living things, which includes all you survey, will experience particle acceleration. Particulate matter will acquire more space. Thus, dimensions may meld together. This too has been unsettling.

Many will experience these events as new teachers of great wisdom appear on the planet. This is the source of institutional change. Institutions will rise and fall and rise again. System redundancy will be removed over a period of time. It does not happen all at once. As you change, you will grow. Release all doubt and the restless syndrome will subside. All is according to plan.

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