Global Change

Channeled: January 29, 2012

Presidents come and go, but the chaos your legislature has been experiencing is a sign of the unrest preceding a storm. The storm arrives mid-year and maybe lasts for a period of one, give or take a few months. Then there is great change.

Institutions will be disassembled and replaced by those which are temporary, fall, and then new ones rise that are even stronger and will take your country into the next two centuries as a place of strength. The European Union will unfold, reassemble and reestablish. It will not survive unless the British assume some leadership over it. Upon their entry, stabilization will occur.

There is an influence of American Culture globally, which countries unaccustomed to change are fighting. But in truth this change must come. Not because the United States is better, but as part of the destiny, melting pots will be the norm. Blending of societies will continue. There will come an event that unifies your people and forces their eyes on the world. Rejoice in it for it is meant to be. Do not worry. Change is for the better.

Work on the energy of your city. Do not despair it or decry it. Love it and use the energy of love on it. There is a vortex of great power here in the river. Clean the ley-lines near the river and under the city.

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