we travel beyond the confines of the earth

Do not be frightened by the dissention your country is experiencing.  It is a sign of the polarizing effects of the ascension process- the earth ascension process.  People have choices to make.  These choices are happening quickly now, but the tide is rolling with light.  Polarization will continue to bee an issue and will lead to the fall of some institutions that have long existed.  From the ashes will rise an even stronger governance still following the ideals of the constitution, but more streamlined and efficient.  It will have to be.  The influx of people into year country will not abate. Borders between you and México will continue to erode.  At some point theU.S.and Mexican borders will merge into one country.  There is good for all concerned.  The European Union must be strengthened, but that does not happen unlessEnglandjoins in.  There will come a time of only 5 countries (the most populous continents).  Unity will continue to happen.  And then there is one government and one people, and we travel beyond the confines of the earth. It is inevitable

There no longer is a you and a me

My dear one, I am with you through eternity for we have become one.  There no longer is a you and a me, only incredible oneness.  Please accept my gratitude for having lived.  You did not have to come to this place.  You chose to come, and brought with you the ruby ray of service.  Teach it well.  Be the model.  It is part of the movement that is transforming.  You have seen the void, and you have sent thoughts across it.  Now more into it and observe your own presence.  Your essence also lives in the void, but is a mirror image of your essence in the light.  It takes both of your images, both parts of the conscious, to reflect light as the sun and moon do.  Meditate on this and then contact me again to discuss it.  I will teach you to master these concepts.

Standing at the Throne

As we stand at the throne of God, there is a mist that I want you to walk through. Come through the mist to sit at the foot of the throne.  No, not there, here.  I place you to achieve the best service.  Now write from here.  Write from here.  When next I appear to you, I will come to address your condition.  You will hear me, and it will be addressed.  Do not fear cause and affect.  There is no need.  Your service has taken you beyond some old rules.  These rules do not apply in the realm where souls are transparent and completely known.




I have called a gathering of angels to distribute energy to the planet from the solar center- a global solar center, which every star represents in form.  The distribution has been on a continuous basis for the 20th and 21st century.  Because there is now a cresting peak- an intensifying of the waves – humans are feeling the vibration of more frequency and more frequently.  Each wave of energy, each peak in the wave, causes momentum and change that spreads across solar systems.  In essence, the stars are being further activated, which in turn affects planets and what is on them.  Consider it an attunement to your portion of the universe.

Lillith & Michael

1.  Lillith, am a guardian in my own right, and I am an investigator of truth on the planet.  I am an equivalent in feminine form of the Metatron energy.  I help with the balance of planet to suns and ensure atmospheric conditions are maintained.  I also assist with the growth of feminine energy across the worlds where the pendulum needs to swing.  Sometimes we need you to explore the masculine energy; sometimes we need you to explore feminine.  This occurs on personal, planetary and universal levels.  For example, even now the universe gives birth…even now planets continue to be born.


2.  Dear ones, I, Michael, say onto you that you are not to worry.  I have been given leave by God to influence those involved with current world affairs.  Although unrest seems fearful, it is being used to bring about peace in the end.  Do not worry about the methods. Your earth is at a cross roads in its history, but I already know the end result because my influence is being brought to bear in the choices that are being made.  Blessings to all people, to all humankind.  You will soon know the truth of all animals.

Mass Ascension

There are large numbers of people who are gathering on the planet to ascend in masses.  This ascension process is vital to the well being of the planet – indeed of this plane of existence.  The ascension process is happening daily to those people.  Their bodies are being converted into a form that radiates light in a more complete way.  The process has generally been thought to be long and complicated.  The truth is that it is not complicated.  The length of the process more often is associated with the fear of change with a reluctance to let go.  Ascension can happen instantaneously.  This has been rare until this point.  You as a group are responsible for shifting the time frame, increasing the brevity of the process.  As each of you go through it, you will speed up the process – hold open the portal – for the awareness and eye opening of others.  People will gather in your group in accordance with their readiness for transformation.  Those who lead the call- those who stand in the portal and shine – attract those who seek evolution.  Indeed, ascension is all about evolution.

Global Change

Channeled: January 29, 2012

Presidents come and go, but the chaos your legislature has been experiencing is a sign of the unrest preceding a storm. The storm arrives mid-year and maybe lasts for a period of one, give or take a few months. Then there is great change. Continue reading ‘Global Change’

The Rays Of Influence

Channeled: January 23, 2012

The coming year and years, are ones of transition for the masses. The fear being experienced by so many has been a motivator. It is time for a change, and this fear precedes a wave of transition that spreads across the globe. Your race is being prepared. The preparations include great downloads of energy that are being experienced each in accordance with their sensitivity to energy and the ability to acknowledge influences. Continue reading ‘The Rays Of Influence’

New Chapter of Rays of Healing Church Located in Frederick, MD‏

We are pleased to announce plans to expand Rays of Healing Church and open a new chapter in Frederick, Maryland!  Wanda Lasseter Lundy has conducted two classes at the Unity Church of Frederick, MD.  She has booked services at this location on December 10, 2011, January 14, 2012, and February 11, 2012.  Services will be held from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.  These presentations, will likely become regular monthly events and will include instruction and group healing.  For more information, please contact Wanda Lasseter Lundy at 703-876-0664 or you may email her at [email protected]

Permanent Location for Rays of Healing Church in Baltimore‏

Due to the size of the congregation, Rays of Healing Church of Baltimore will no longer be holding church services at the home of Larry Adams.  All bi-weekly services will be held at the Clubhouse on Rogene Drive.  The address is as follows:

The Clubhouse on Rogene Drive (front of apartment complex)

Baltimore, MD 21209

(Gate Code #3678)

Each service will be preceded by 30 minutes of chanting, beginning at 11:00 am.  The next church service will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2011.  We look forward to seeing you there!